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Right out of the box, CounterPoint is fully-loaded with the essential features you need to handle every aspect of your business. The CounterPoint System covers all the bases with point of sale, inventory management, customer tracking, purchasing, gift registries, sales history, and much more.

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Point of Sale - Keep Your Lines Moving

CounterPoint provides quick, accurate, and easy transactions.

  • Easy to use touchscreen layouts
  • Manage sales, returns, special orders, backorders, and layaways.
  • Track customers and their purchase history
  • Integrated gift cards
  • Mobile sales using an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
  • Gift registry
  • Built in customer loyalty program
  • Promotional, contract, and special pricing rules
  • Easy and quick to learn how to use the register

Inventory Control - Boost Your Bottom Line

Inventory managment is a neccisity in a busy retail store. CounterPoint is designed to help you maintain optimum inventory levels, control inventory costs, and track merchandise movement. It provides the tools necessary to track and adjust inventory turns and increase overall profit percent and gross margin

  • Item information including multiple descriptions, categories, and sub categories
  • Multiple vendors for an item
  • Tracking gridded and serialized items
  • Markdown Tracking
  • Seasonal purchasing, fill order purchasing, and store transfers
  • Merchandise Analysis

Customers - Keep 'Em Coming Back for More

CounterPoint includes customer relationship management tools that give you details of every customer, including detailed sales history, loyalty features, and more.

Purchasing - The Right Stuff, the Right Time, the Right Place

Automated purchasing provides retailers the tools to control every aspect of purchases and receiving

  • Forecast driven replenishment
  • Purchase advice based on sales history and inventory levels
  • Accounts payable interface to accounting systems
  • Views and reporting
  • Customer specific purchases
  • Multi-Location purchasing
  • Allocated PO's for retailers with multiple locations
  • Returns to Vendors (RTVs)

Mobile Alerts

CounterPoint SmartAlerts leverages mobile technology to provide retailers information about their stores as it happens

  • SmartAlerts scans transaction history and instantly identifies anyone performing activities outside of the standard daily activities
  • Instant fraud prevention with alerts indicating suspicious activity
  • Increase your bottom line by immediately taking action on activity that negatively impacts margins and store operations
  • Click here for our brochure on SmartAlerts